Alice is particularly skilled and well suited to work with trauma survivors, including male survivors. Often times therapists are geared towards female survivors of trauma; Alice feels that it is crucially important to distinguish the differences in treatment approaches as well, as gender specific research in terms of trauma.
Alice treats clients with history of sexual, emotional and physical abuse. Some of her clients have encountered severe abuse, while others were traumatized by bullying, dysfunctional families, divorce, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, witnessing of violent acts

Trauma and Dissociation

Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation are not just her clinical interests, it is her passion and her life work. Alice is one of a very few therapists who is skilled at treating Dissociative Disorders (former Multiple Personality Disorder). Although, considered quite rare, it is out there and where most therapists have not encountered a single client with this diagnosis Alice has had a few patients which she was able to diagnose correctly. Even though Dissociative Disorders are difficult to treat, Alice has had considerable success with these clients. She believes that Integration may not be right for every client with Dissociative disorder. Alice utilizes a number of approaches to treat Trauma and Dissociation. Gentle Reprocessing is a cutting edge new trauma treatment approach, that came out from EMDR therapy (Rapid Eye Movement Desensitization) and utilizes EMDR equipment. Gentle Reprocessing is a great new alternative for EMDR because although EMDR is very helpful for treatment of many conditions, it can be re-traumatizing.

War Related Trauma

Alice has had experience working with veterans and is willing to continue to provide services to veterans, family members and other affected individuals.


Alice has a solid training and experience working with a wide range of addictions, from addiction to food, shopping to medication, alcohol and illegal drugs. Alice has been successful in treatment of severe cases of addiction. She has worked with addictions in outpatient and inpatient treatment.

Therapies offered

DBT based skills, coping skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Gentle Trauma Reprocessing (EMDR based), talk therapy, client centered therapy, grounding, anchoring and relaxation techniques. She uses a variety of workbooks to help her clients achieve lasting change. Alice is committed to staying on top of the latest research and continuing education.